Payroll Management

  1. Assist in the registration of foreign worker with FOMEMA; pay for the cost of FOMEMA check-up and arrange to transport the worker(s) for FOMEMA check-up.
  2. Be responsible for the general medical cost of a worker (such general medical cost shall exclude the cost for dental, optical, specialist care and long term medical treatment).
  3. Pay salary to the worker(s) in accordance to the Demand Letter which being mutually agreed by both parties.
  4. To pay for worker(s) premium of insurances as required by the Foreign Worker Compensation Scheme(Insurance Order 1996), the Employee Compensation Act 1952, the SPIKPA(Skim Perlindungan Insurans Kesihatan Pekerja Asing) and the Ministry of Health Malaysia and other insurance coverage related to the worker(s).
  5. Pay Advance Salary to worker(s) once a month.
  6. Be fully responsible for any worker(s)’s death in the course of his/her employment including the cost of repatriation to arrange the body of the deceased worker to be delivered to a place in accordance to the direction of his/her next of kin at source country.

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